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It is essential that you contact an effective and respected criminal defense attorney if you are charged with felony, misdemeanor, or municipal assault. The McKinstry Law Firm has a proven track record in Colorado courtrooms.

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Assault charges can be brought by the prosecutors in felony, misdemeanor, and even municipal courtrooms. All assault charges can result in the loss of reputation, career, and liberty. Assault charges are punishable with prison and jail sentences, and must be taken very seriously. It’s critical to consult with an experienced and respected criminal defense attorney if you’re facing charges of assault. Assault charges are often brought in domestic violence cases, where a conflict arises between people who share an intimate relationship.

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It’s risky to deal with assault charges on your own, and only an experienced assault attorney is fully equipped to navigate the complexities of criminal procedure and evidence these cases entail. There are numerous legal defenses that can be deployed by an effective criminal defense lawyer. Properly argued, these defenses may result in dismissal or in acquittal at trial.

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Felony, misdemeanor, and municipal assault charges, including domestic violence assault, are often brought against citizens who are justifiably defending themselves. If you and your criminal defense lawyer determine that it’s in your best interest to go to trial, you’ll need an assault lawyer who will hold the government to its burden of proof and do everything possible to expose and exploit the weaknesses in the government’s case. The McKinstry Law Firm has litigated assault cases in front of Colorado juries, and won acquittals based on the theory of self-defense.

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