Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is a legal term, and a sentence enhancer, that attaches to a criminal offense allegedly committed by one person against another person who share an intimate relationship. The list of offenses that can form the basis for a domestic violence charge is lengthy. It ranges from serious felonies, such as second-degree assault, to misdemeanor allegations of harassment, criminal mischief, and threats. Domestic violence may also be charged in municipal court, and the penalties may include fines and lengthy confinement. The underlying offense in most domestic violence cases is an act committed as a means of coercion, control, punishment, intimidation, or revenge against an intimate partner. Examples include threats, intimidation, criminal mischief, assault, harassment, trespass, and even charges of disturbing the peace.

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Felony, misdemeanor, and municipal charges, including domestic violence harassment and assault, are often brought against citizens who are justifiably defending themselves. The McKinstry Law Firm has litigated domestic violence assault cases in front of Colorado juries, and won acquittals based on the theory of self-defense.

If you are facing domestic violence charges, whether in district, county, or municipal court, you risk serious consequences to your reputation, your career, and your liberty. You need a domestic violence defense attorney with extensive experience in handling these cases, and who can guide you through the judicial process while protecting your rights and interests. If you and your lawyer decide that it’s in your best interest to go to trial, you need a criminal defense lawyer who will hold the government to its burden of proof and do everything possible to expose and exploit the weaknesses in the state’s case.

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