Drug Crime Attorney in Denver, CO: Expert Defense Against Drug Charges

Criminal charges related to possession of a controlled substance, distribution, or intent to distribute can result in loss of reputation, career, and even personal liberty. Drug crimes are prosecuted aggressively in the Denver area.

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Drug crimes can be charged at the felony, misdemeanor, or municipal level. Schedule I narcotics like methamphetamine, ketamine, LSD, cocaine, and heroin are everywhere today, and it’s easy to underestimate how much trouble they can get you into, especially without a criminal defense attorney. Felony drug possession, distribution, manufacture, and sale charges are serious and can affect all aspects of your life. Getting help from a drug attorney can reduce the charges against Schedule I (methamphetamine, ketamine, cocaine) and Schedule II Narcotics. The potential consequences include loss of liberty, loss of present and future employment, and damage to reputation.

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What Can Our Drug Trafficking Attorney Do for You?

The McKinstry Law Firm has achieved excellent results in defending cases involving drug possession, distribution, manufacture, and sale. As a criminal defense attorney for drug charges in state courts, Mr. McKinstry’s priority is to ensure that your constitutional rights are protected and the burdens you face are minimized. The first line of defense deployed by Colorado's best drug possession attorneys in many drug crime cases is the filing of motions to suppress evidence. Improper seizure, testing, handling, and storage of evidence by drug crime investigators may result in the dismissal of all charges. For this reason, you must rely on an aggressive and experienced attorney for drug charges.

With So Much at Stake, You Need an Experienced Drug Charge Lawyer

If the police or prosecuting attorneys violated your rights in any way while collecting evidence, Mr. McKinstry will fight to suppress that evidence and, when successful, this can lead to dismissal of the criminal charges. The government must follow the rules, no matter what the charge.

If you are wondering about drug defense attorney cost or you have any other questions, get in touch with our narcotics lawyer for a free and confidential review of your drug possession or distribution charges in the Denver, Colorado metro area.

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