State Felony and Misdemeanor

The McKinstry Law Firm represents clients in the Denver metropolitan area charged with assault, burglary, theft, domestic violence, weapons charges, and criminal mischief, as well as drug possession, distribution and manufacture.

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If you are facing felony charges in the state of Colorado, then you already know how frightening, disruptive, and disorienting the experience can be. You should retain a criminal defense attorney who will work with you to develop the case, collect all necessary discovery, and employ investigators when necessary to ensure that you have all the information you are entitled to, including potentially exculpatory evidence. Your felony lawyer may have to compel the government to hand over evidence that is helpful to you. In representing you in your defense, your criminal defense attorney must do everything possible to protect your liberty.

While the firm stands ready to defend your rights and liberty at trial, The McKinstry Law Firm understands that some cases should not go to trial. Mr. McKinstry’s experience as a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor gives him an edge in his negotiations with the prosecution. His many years of experience as a felony defense attorney increase the likelihood of reasonable negotiated resolutions of cases with the least possible consequences for his clients. But if negotiations fail, Mr. McKinstry is prepared to defend your rights in front of a jury.

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Patrick McKinstry is an experienced, effective, and respected Colorado felony defense attorney.

As a felony and misdemeanor criminal defense attorney in state courts, Mr. McKinstry’s priority is to ensure that your constitutional rights are protected and the burdens you face are minimized. The first line of defense deployed by the best Colorado criminal defense attorneys in many cases is the filing of motions to suppress evidence. If the police or prosecuting attorneys violated your rights in any way while collecting evidence, Mr. McKinstry will fight to suppress that evidence and, when successful, this can lead to dismissal of the criminal charges. The government must follow the rules, no matter what the charge. This is the foundation of ordered liberty.

Felony and misdemeanor assault charges, including domestic violence assault, are often brought against citizens who are merely defending themselves. The McKinstry Law Firm has litigated assault cases in front of Colorado juries, and won acquittals based on the theory of self-defense.

Mr. McKinstry has litigated dozens of state criminal cases in front of Colorado juries, including attempted murder, felony assault, drug possession, drug distribution, conspiracy, identity theft, and burglary.

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